Gypsy Soul Entertainment was founded in Toronto in 2009 by Renan Yildizdogan to develop the careers of cadre of like-minded artists. The early roster was made up of mainly roots rock and Americana artists. In 2013, Gypsy Soul Records was launched and Stone River’s debut album “Valley of the Butterflies” was the first to be released internationally on the label. Since then the label has been involved in the release of over forty albums, eight of which have been released on the Gypsy Soul imprint with our distribution partner Fontana North.

Over the years Gypsy Soul has grown into a full service artist collective, helping our clients achieve their goals and advance their careers. Being on both the business and artistic sides of the music industry provides us with a unique perspective, which helps us keep our ears close to the ground anchored by an in-depth knowledge of the current landscape. We love what we do…believe in working hard… and following both our instincts and our hearts.

In 2017, It was apparent that the company needed access to an in-house recording facility and someone to collaborate with who had a solid background in record production and state of the art faculties. Gypsy Soul Records expanded with its partnership with Ross Hayes Citrullo which fit the Gypsy Soul model like a glove. This partnership fulfills our mandate of being a true “full service” label – able to produce, manufacture, distribute and promote our artist’s and client’s projects. In 2017 alone, this partnership bore fruit, as the label successfully produced four albums; all awarded FACTOR’s Juried Sound Recording grants. Look for all four to be released in early 2018.

In 2017 Gypsy Soul Records also partnered up with music industry veteran and music connoisseur Rick Fenton. Rick has produced over 30 albums over his career, as well as being involved in major event production, organization/artist consultation and business development.

Early this year, Gypsy Soul Entertainment moved into a 7000 square foot workspace in the Portlands in Toronto.  Creative freedom, professional research, space to experiment, a unique workspace; we all call it different things, but Ildsjel is our home. With access to the studio, fully equipped venue, graphic design teams and a creative space, all under one roof, we, and more importantly our artists and clients, have the environment, facilities and expertise to take their projects and careers to new creative heights.